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  • Custom marine corrosion solutions for your boat, yacht or small ship.
  • Over 30 years of experience in the marine cathodic protection industry.
  • A trusted leader in boat cathodic corrosion prevention and care serving everyone from boat builders to boat owners.
  • Electro-Guard's product lines resolve corrosion problems.
  • Electro-Guard makes marine cathodic protection products that allow your boat to stand up to the harshest environments.

Marine Corrosion Solutions

Electro-Guard products are available to protect boats of any type of hull construction (aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood) and protect thru hull fittings, outboards, propeller shafts, propellers and all common underwater metal structures. Our monitoring instruments provide visual indication of system performance and warning of stray electrical current problems that can result from electrical faults.
  • The Atlantacat is proteced by Electro-Guard's marine corrosion solutions.
  • The Star of India is proteced by Electro-Guard's marine corrosion solutions.

Industry Trusted

Our line of products includes both impressed current cathodic protection systems and controlled/monitored sacrificial anode cathodic systems. The impressed current systems provide protection without the worry and expense of replacing sacrificial zinc anodes - they come with a permanent anode and are automatically controlled.
After 3 years, 3000 hr, and over 20,000 nmiles on my boat “Online”, I would like you to know how happy I am with your electro guard cathodic protection system / 700 series.
- Bill Tomlinson
M.V. Online

I am thrilled with the Electro-Guard corrosion system installed on my Glacier Bay.
- J. Hansen, Sausalito, CA

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We will do our best to process and ship all received orders prior to closing but ask you to please alert us if an order needs priority attention or a specific delivery date.

We appreciate youir assistance with making the holiday season run smoothly and thank you for your business!

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